Free online blackjack

Blackjack boasts countless appearances in literature, film and modern mythology. The game envelops a lot of myths, legends and rumors that tried unsuccessfully to dispel historians for many years.

However, some of these stories refuse to die and continue to praise this amazing game. But sometimes, they can cause harm. For example, when people who are not as familiar with the game believe in them.

Myths about blackjack

Most of the myths about black Jack due to the fact that you can and cannot do during the game. After all, Free online blackjack is a game that requires luck and skill. And if the skill can still make money, then luck and luck is necessary to lure. And how it was developed concepts and systems to compensate for lack of skill? Not considered.

It is important to remember that most systems did not show itself from the best side. Experienced blackjack players say that all existing systems are only two. Is card counting and basic strategy in black Jack.

Try not to become a victim of the myth that you should or should not do when playing blackjack. Always be guided by the basic strategy


Also remember that when you play in land based casinos or blackjack with a live dealer, then you have the option of counting cards. Unfortunately, it is impossible when playing online casino. If you decide to count, then be careful. Casino usually tries to remove these players from the game. This once again proves the effectiveness of this system.

Legends of blackjack

Over the years, many professional blackjack players become legends. Their names were passed from mouth to mouth along with the astronomical amounts of their winnings, depending only on the conscience of the narrator. It’s not the legends that we want to tell now. On our website there is a special section dedicated to professional blackjack, which you can read amazing stories

We would like to dedicate this section to the legends of blackjack. Those whose names are known to every beginner and those whose nicknames have sunk into oblivion, leaving in our memory only exciting stories of their victories.

How to find a million dollars and then losing it

In 1995, one man, whose wife kicked out of the house, cashed out $ 400 state benefits and went to play black Jack in a casino Treasure Island in Las Vegas. He played only one week and during that time won more than $ 1.3 million, and then lost it all.

The player used the basic strategy of blackjack. During the first days he was incredibly lucky, until his luck ended. He won and won. He beat all his rivals. And even if the dealer has natural blackjack, the lucky bastard also turned out to be an ACE and a ten. But it could not last forever. His luck vanished as suddenly as it had struck. And in the end, he lost everything he had. And the casino owner Treasure Island Sviv Wynn ordered security to remove him from the institution.

The Story Of Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer – the Australian billionaire who in 1997 put the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas on his knees, winning over $ 30 million in a few days. The owners of all the casinos of Las Vegas knew to put the Packer in a casino is risky. At the hearing were the stories about his visits to British casinos that ended for them, sometimes positive (when the Packer is not carried) and sometimes very negative (when Packer was lucky).

Packer spent a few days playing blackjack and baccarat and won over $ 30 million, some people say that amount was about $ 40 million. Needless to say that poor leaders MGM Grand casino Casino that lured Packer, was unemployed because of quarterly report, after the visit of lucky, caused tears.